Friday, September 27, 2013

Nick Lowe "I Knew The Bride" (Bonus Video Friday)

Saving the best for last: I suppose if I Love Distortion ever got made into a movie I would want Nick Lowe (or Dave Edmunds) singing "I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll)" to play over the opening credits.  I don't think it's gonna really come as a surprise to anyone who's reading it - since the story is essentially told in flashback - that Distortion is not gonna end well for the protagonist, and "I Knew The Bride" pretty neatly sums up the story.  And what could possibly be better than a Chuck Berry tune that Chuck Berry forgot to write to open a rock & roll movie?

inspirational verse;
"I can see her now, drinkin' with the boys / Breakin' their hearts like they were toys /
She used to do The Pony, she used to do The Stroll / I knew the bride when she used to rock & roll /
I knew the bride when she used to rock & roll" - Nick Lowe, 1977 

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