Friday, September 20, 2013

The Blasters "Marie Marie" (Bonus Video Friday)

Week three of "The Four Best Chuck Berry Songs That Chuck Berry Forgot To Write" brings us to The Blasters and "Marie Marie."

The review of The Blasters reproduced below originally appeared in New York Rocker circa 1980.  It was written by Don Waller, who under the nom de plume "Doc Savage", was one of the creators and driving forces of Back Door Man, the greatest fanzine EVER in the history of American rock & roll.  (By the way, I get the feeling that if Waller/Savage ever caught me using a frou-fou French term like nom de plume in a post about him, he'd kick my ass.)

Back Door Man was the inspiration and biggest influence on my own mid-to-late 1970's fanzine, Teenage Rampage, some reprints of which we will be running later in September or early October in Growing Old With Rock & Roll.  (Running those reprints was the idea and request of reader Christopher Stigliano in response to my September 1st blog, asking what my audience would like to read about.  Thanks, Christopher.  Any other requests, readers?)

I view with interest that there is currently an issue of Back Door Man listed on e-bay for $45.  (Issues cost 35 cents to a buck, back in the day.)  Ah, rock & roll inflation.......

inspirational verse; "I said, 'Hey, pretty girl, don't you understand? /
I just want to be your lovin' man.'" - Dave Alvin, 1980

appendix to The Blasters "Marie Marie"

(Note that Waller employs a variation of my buddy Dave's "the best Chuck Berry song
that Chuck Berry forgot to write" in his review.  Great minds really do think alike.)

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