Friday, March 15, 2013

The Dwight Twilley Band "You Were So Warm" (Bonus Video Friday)

I've been asked by followers of the blog to provide visuals for the characters in I Love Distortion (a rock & roll novel in 12 chapters).  It's a fictional story, readers, but let's say this: Sean in the story bore a striking resemblance to the post-New York Dolls Ricki C. in the March 8, 2013 blog, and Nicole looked just like this song sounds.....

inspirational verse; "Anyway, remember as time goes by that I didn't wanna go /
Oh no, I didn't wanna go 'cause you were so warm" - Dwight Twilley, 1975

(and is there any more heartbreakingly perfect pop production detail
than those tambourine overdubs at the 1:36 and 1:42 mark?
I don't think so, my rock & roll friends, I don't think so.)

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