Friday, March 22, 2013

Rodriguez "Crucify Your Mind" (Bonus Video Friday)

I've recently started contributing pieces to a new Columbus blogsite - - begun by my good friend Colin Gawel of Watershed and of The Lonely Bones (about whom regular readers of Growing Old With Rock & Roll have already read various & sundry stories).  It's a pretty great blog, focusing not just on music but on movies, sports, books, food and other aspects of popular culture.  You should give it a read.

My first contribution to Pencilstorm was a review of "Searching For Sugar Man," the winner of this year's Oscar for Best Documentary and easily the best rock & roll movie I've seen in the last five years.  Check out my review there and the video here.....

  inspirational verse; "Were you tortured by your own thirst /
In those pleasures that you seek / That made you Tom the Curious
That makes you James the Weak" - Rodriguez, 1970

ps. I realize that there are cynical smartasses out there among you (of which, I fully admit,
I sometimes am one) who are going to dismiss Rodriguez as "just another Dylanesque
singer/songwriter."  I actually prefer to think of him as Leonard Cohen if Cohen
had grown up in Detroit rather than Montreal, but that's just me.

All I can say to any detractors is rent the movie, and then we'll talk.

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