Friday, June 14, 2013

Watershed "Suckerpunch" (Bonus Video Friday)

I'm thinking that "Suckerpunch" by local Columbus, Ohio, favorites (and my employers) Watershed neatly fits the June Bonus Video Friday Songs You've Never Heard Before That You REALLY Need To Hear concept because, other than 500 or so Superfans spread throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, my hometown boys - Colin, Joe & Dave - remain largely unknown.  (You can, and in fact should, read all about it in bass player, co-lead singer & co-founder Joe Oestreich's book Hitless Wonder - A Life In Minor League Rock & Roll, published by Lyons Press - check Amazon.)

I inadvertently appear at the beginning of the video (roadies, unlike children, should ideally not be seen OR heard) because towards the end of Watershed shows Colin & Joe will occasionally take the mics way down front in order to be closer to the audience.  (When the mic cords are long enough, which on this night they were not, the guys will take the mics INTO the crowd and sing from there.)  My job is to return the mics to their original position when the bit is over and I thought that's what Colin wanted, when in fact he was just having trouble conveying to drummer Dave what the next song was supposed to be.  (By this point in Watershed shows the concept of a set list is out the window.)

Anyway, it's a cool little rock & roll video of a great little rock & roll song on a gorgeous Saturday night in the heartland.  (Our thanks go out to whoever Trainer 513 is, who recorded & posted this.  Isn't YouTube the greatest computer-related rock & roll invention ever?)

inspirational verse; "It's not what you say, it's what you DON'T say."
- Colin Gawel & Joe Oestreich, 2002

(Oh hell, let's just go for a BONUS Bonus Video Friday to give Colin equal lead singing time.)

inspirational verse; "Don't forget, they didn't knock you out /
You're just sittin' in the car, bleedin' from your mouth / But I've got a feeling, I've got a feeling /
Still got a feeling / The best is yet to come" - Colin Gawel & Joe Oestreich, 2005 

ps. There's five or six other videos posted by Trainer 513 from this 2013 Columbus Arts Festival show, all well worth watching.  Check 'em out when you've got a spare half-hour.

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