Friday, June 28, 2013

The David Johansen Group "Frenchette" (Bonus Video Friday)

    (The June BVF concept is Songs You've Never Heard Before That You REALLY Need To Hear)

This is David Johansen and his first post-New York Dolls backing band, the Staten Island Boys, from German television show Musikladen, circa 1980.  (And how great was German Music Television?  If there is one thing I have learned from YouTube it is that between this and Rockpalast, the Germans made Midnight Special and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert look as silly & stupid as I suspected in my heart they were in their heyday.)  You are not obliged to watch the entire 27-plus minutes, but you should, it's a pretty great 27-plus minutes.  Today's required viewing is "Frenchette," starting at the 4:25 mark.  Enjoy........

inspirational verse; "Want you to come in my kitchen and not my kitchenette /
Want you to come in my dining room, not my dinette; nyet, nyet /
I can't get the kind of love, so let's just dance and I'll forget" - David Johansen, 1978

(by the way, for those of you scoring at home, that "nyet, nyet" is the greatest use
of the Russian language to express negative emotion EVER in the rock & roll idiom)

ps. Is that Watershed's mid-1990's Sony Music Corporation A&R representative Frankie LaRocka playing drums on this show?  Fuck yeah, it is.   

pps. For Ricki C.'s real-life encounter with David Johansen in 1979 at Columbus, Ohio's Agora Ballroom,  check out blog entry Exchanging Pleasantries with David Johansen, February 7th, 2012.  

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