Friday, June 7, 2013

Elvis Costello & the Attractions "The Beat" (Bonus Video Friday)

(The Bonus Video Friday theme for June in Growing Old With Rock & Roll
will be Songs You've Never Heard Before That You REALLY Need to Hear.
This theme will be based on my hopelessly subjective estimation of what songs all
of the TOTAL strangers that visit this blog site might ever have heard in their lives.)

inspirational verse; "Oh, I don't wanna disease you / But I'm no good with the machinery /
Oh, I don't wanna freeze you / Stop looking at the scenery" - Elvis Costello, 1978

(ps. By the way; Elvis & the Attractions' entire 45-minute 1978 Rockpalast set
that this song was taken from is on YouTube, you really oughta watch it. 
That was one spark-spitting little rock & roll assemblage.)   

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  1. Hi Ricki,

    Your blog also taught me that Nick Lowe has a lot of great songs beyond "Cruel to Be Kind". It took me a few minutes on Google yesterday to figure out that Watershed played "Heart of the City" on Saturday night. Looking forward to reading the continuing adventures of The Twilight Kids.