Friday, October 25, 2013

Flo & Eddie "Days" (Bonus Video Friday)

Upcoming next week in either Growing Old With Rock & Roll or in Colin Gawel's pencilstorm blogsite (or perhaps both) will be my rundown on the latest crop of nominees for The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  (And I do mean rundown, it's a pretty spotty troupe of nominees.)  Today's question would be: "Why aren't The Turtles - led by Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman, aka Flo & Eddie - in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?" 

Longtime readers of this blog will know that previous queries along this line of questioning are: "Why isn't Mott The Hoople - and/or Ian Hunter - in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame," "Why isn't The MC5 in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame," and "Why Isn't Cheap Trick in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?"  (Colin Gawel of Watershed had to form an entire BAND to pose that last musical question, for Chrissakes.)  (see blog entry Why Isn't Cheap Trick In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, April 26th, 2013.)

(editor's note; Ricki, you're drifting.......)

Okay, okay, okay.  We wind up Week Four of Autumn Songs with "Days," penned by Ray Davies of The Kinks (thank God they're in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, at least) in a gorgeous cover version by Flo & Eddie.  (The Kinks version is also great, of course, but the Davies brothers have been previously featured in October.)

inspirational verse;
"Thank you for the days / Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me /
I'm thinking of the days / I won't forget a single day, believe me /
I bless the light, I bless the light that lights on you, believe me /
And though you're gone, you're with me every single day, believe me /
Days I'll remember all my life / Days when you can't see wrong from right /
You took my light, but then I knew that very soon you'd leave me /
But it's all right, now I'm not frightened of this world, believe me /
I wish  today could be tomorrow / The night is dark, it  just brings sorrow, let it rain"
- Ray Davies, 1967 

© 2013 Ricki C.

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