Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rock & Roll Wants - The Sidewinders, The Hollywood Stars, The Dudes

I have no idea who constitutes the readership of this blog.  I have a sketchy idea of how many times each entry is viewed, but truthfully am not really sure what that indicates.  I suppose I should delve a little more into that sort of thing, but really I'm honored and humbled that ANYBODY reads my little rock & roll musings, so I'm not really concerned with the numbers game.

With that being said, let's get down to the business of begging.......

I have discovered, at the advanced age of 61, that in the process of Growing Old With Rock & Roll there is very little music that I WANT that I do not already own in my vinyl, cassette & CD collection.

The three things I covet are:

1) Anything by early-1970's Boston band The Sidewinders (led by Andy Paley, also included Eric Rose, Leigh Foxx, Mike Reed, Henry Stern, later included Billy Squier and Bryan Chase) other than their 1972 Richard Robinson-produced self-titled RCA album or the track "Streetwalker" from The Boston Incest Album compilation.  Does ANYBODY out there know of or possess any live material by this band in either/any of its incarnations?  (In the 1980's I sent away to Boston for, as I recall, a WCOZ compilation cassette that had two tunes - "Telephone Relations" (a far superior version to the later Piper track) and possibly "Turn The Tide" from the Billy Squier-era band - but the tape broke within a year of when I got it, before I had the presence of mind to dub those two tunes off to another cassette.  Anybody have or remember that?)

2) Anything from Kim Fowley creation The Hollywood Stars in its original 1974 incarnation, other than "Escape" and "King Of The Nighttime World" that are available on YouTube.  (I have the 1977 Mark Anthony-fronted band LP, I'm looking more for the earlier Scott Phares-era material.)

3) Canadian-by-way-of-California (or vice versa) band The Dudes CD All The Young Dudes, All The Old Demos.  Again, I have the We're No Angels album, but have always heard that the rock & roll axiom: "They should have released the demos" particularly applied to Bob Segarini, David & Ritchie Henman and company.

So that's it, those three things.  I'm not particular about fidelity, I just truly wanna hear more SONGS from these bands than I currently possess.

A little help, from anybody out there?  That's it for Ricki C. begging for the rock & roll, over & out.

© 2013 Ricki C.

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  1. I had no idea Paul Stanley didn't write "King of the Night Time World". That's a good piece of trivia.