Friday, July 19, 2013

Aimee Mann "4th Of July" (Bonus Video Friday)

Our July theme continues.......

inspirational verse; "Today's the 4th of July / Another June has gone by /
And when they light up our town I just think /
What a waste of gunpowder and sky" - Aimee Mann, 1993

(sidenote; In 1983, on one of my Boston Weekend Rock & Roll Jaunts (see blog entry Flying to Boston to See the Rock & Roll - The Neighborhoods, January 13th, 2012) I was in a Newbury Comics store (I wanna say it was the Harvard Square location, but I can't swear to that, I had only recently stopped drinking then) buying Mission Of Burma's vs. album.  The young girl who rang up my purchase that day was Aimee Mann.  I knew who she was, I had read about The Young Snakes in Boston Rock and I'm pretty sure she had already formed 'til tuesday, but I had never heard them.
Folks, I have to tell you: Aimee Mann, on that day, behind that counter, at that cash register was one of the five most beautiful women I have ever seen up close in my entire life.  She was stunningly gorgeous.  Her hair was teased up just like on the cover of the first 'til tuesday record AND THAT WAS JUST FOR HER DAY JOB AT THE RECORD STORE!  When she picked up my purchase to ring  up she said, "Oh, Mission Of Burma, great choice. I love these guys!" beaming like a little girl. 
I was struck so shy by the sight of her I'm not sure if I even managed to stammer out a reply.   

I saw 'til tuesday live years later, when they opened for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on the Southern Accents tour, but somehow it just wasn't the same from the 40th row in the Ohio Center.

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