Friday, May 18, 2012

Elliott Murphy “Caught Short In The Long Run” (Bonus Video Friday)

It still relatively amazes me that, courtesy of YouTube, I can watch anything, from my favorite California garage folk-rockers The Leaves performing "Hey Joe" on some SoCal teen show IN 1966 to a performance from Elliott Murphy not even two weeks ago in a Swedish city I have no idea how to pronounce. This week my rock & roll weekend will consist of road managing my good friend Colin Gawel and his band The Lonely Bones on Friday night, then setting out Saturday morning to drive solo to the East Coast to catch Elliott Murphy in from his home in Paris for a couple of rare shows this side of the Atlantic. Sometimes it’s just so cool to be an American with a car.

inspirational verse; "They say, romantics run free in the darkness / Oh, but come the light, they’re the first to kneel." – Elliott Murphy, 1976

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