Friday, April 27, 2012

Mott The Hoople "All The Way From Memphis" 1973 (Bonus Video Friday)

As the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in my home state of Ohio inducts yet another questionable group of candidates (joining such past "rockers" as David Crosby, Billy Joel and The Dells) into its hallowed halls, I am again reminded and saddened that Mott The Hoople have never even been considered, let alone inducted, into said Hall.  Sad.  Shameful.  For Chrissakes, Ian Hunter wrote "Cleveland Rocks" and put our fair North Coast city on the rock & roll map.  And while I am a proud Ohio boy, everybody knows the R & R Hall Of Fame should have been built in Memphis.
inspirational verse; "Yeah, it's a mighty long way down rock & roll / As your name gets hot, so your heart grows cold / And you've gotta stay a young man, you can never be old / All the way from Memphis."  - Ian Hunter, 1973

© 2012 Ricki C.

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  1. ...and you look like a star but you're really out on parole!

    Yeah Ricki, the RRHOF is a joke.

    The whole IDEA of the thing is an oxymoron or at the very least a case of bizarre irony-how do you institutionalise an art form that, at its very heart, rails againt conformity and the institutions they spawn?

    Mott The Hoople is in the only hall of fame that matters to me- my record collection (digital, tape AND vinyl!).

    Greg O.