Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dictators "Steppin' Out" (Bonus Video Friday)

Ladies & gentlemen, here’s the deal: Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a Perfect Storm of circumstances that have led me to consider taking a little break from blog-dom, or blog-icity.  (I refuse to call it "the blogosphere.")  First; I’ve started playing out again in my solo acoustic rock & roll format and have discovered that the part of my brain responsible for songwriting is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT & FOREIGN to the part responsible for producing prose pieces. (See Throwin' Red Meat To The Base, March blog entry.)  Second; my editor and I.T. Department (aka my lovely wife Debbie) is taking a little East Coast trip to serve as the I.T. Consultant for her mom and aunt as they get new laptops.  Third; my boss at my day-job is heading to Florida for his mother’s memorial service and I will be working open to close at our beloved little indie record store for the next two weeks.  None of these circumstances bode well for new blog entries being written, let alone posted.

I promise that this will be no more than a two-week hiatus.  (And who knows, if we get our Sound Cloud process together, we might start posting some Ricki C. tunes during that time along with the lyrics and the literary pieces that accompany them.)  In the immortal words of Adny Shernoff – "Steppin’ out, steppin’ out, steppin’ out for a little while….." 

Click here to see The Dictators - Steppin' Out - Winterland (San Francisco, CA) July 30, 1977

The mighty Dictators performing "Steppin’ Out" in 1977.  Great clip that would have been SO much better if those damn San Francisco hippies could’ve figured out that the lead vocals switch back & forth between drummer Richie Teeter and songwriter Adny Shernoff.  (Put down the joint, Mr. Camera Man, please put down the joint.)  inspirational verse; "Hey Lord, I’m reaching right up to ya / Touch me or I’m just another crooner / This love’s gonna be written down in history."

author’s note; First reader who writes and identifies what song the line "This love’s gonna be written down in history" is quoted from by Adny wins a prize from Growing Old With Rock & Roll.

ps. Bonus Video Friday will very likely continue uninterrupted.

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